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Deep Carbon 2019: Launching the Next Decade of Deep Carbon Science
DCO Highlights Deep Carbon 2019

Deep Carbon 2019: Launching the Next Decade of Deep Carbon Science is an international science conference taking place from 24–26 October, 2019.

 Elements Special Issue: When the Carbon Cycle Went Awry
DCO Research When the Carbon Cycle Went Awry

In a special collection of papers in Elements, DCO scientists highlight catastrophic disruptions to the deep carbon cycle during Earth’s history. The research underscores the magnitude of current…

Deep Carbon: Past to Present Synthesizes a Decade of DCO Research
DCO Research Deep Carbon: Past to Present

A new book, Deep Carbon: Past to Present, compiles 10 years of DCO research. The volume serves as a comprehensive reference on the quantities, movements, forms, and origins of carbon in Earth through…

DCO Research All Kimberlites Erupted from Same Deep Reservoir

A new study finds that eruptions of kimberlite, a carbon-rich rock that commonly bears diamonds, all came from a single reservoir in the deep mantle. This reservoir was isolated until a few hundred…

 Scientists Quantify Global Volcanic CO2 Venting; Estimate Total Carbon on Earth
DCO Press Release Scientists Estimate Total Carbon on Earth

Scientists update estimates of Earth’s immense interior carbon reservoirs, and how much carbon Deep Earth naturally swallows and exhales.

DCO Research The PUSH for High-Pressure Microbiology

A large portion of deep-sea and subsurface organisms elude study due to the challenges posed by sampling and culturing microbes living in high-pressure environments. New technological advances and…

DCO Highlights 2019 DCO Emerging Leader Awards

The Deep Carbon Observatory is delighted to announce the 2019 recipients of its Emerging Leader Award.

DCO Research Microbes in Deccan Traps Go to Extremes

New research into subsurface life within the Deccan Traps, a vast, multi-layered 65-million-year-old lava flow in India, revealed distinct archaeal communities living within the volcanic rock and the…

DCO Research Carbon Dioxide in Deep Waters: Sparkling Water or Acid?

Computer simulations suggest that when carbon dioxide dissolves in water under conditions in the upper mantle, it primarily turns into carbonic acid. The presence of carbonic acid in the mantle has…

DCO Highlights Contribute to Wikipedia and Win $500

Help us improve deep carbon science content on Wikipedia, the free crowd-sourced online encyclopedia, and win $500.

DCO Highlights Field Report: Ol Doinyo Lengai Volcano

For the first time in 12 years, researchers have collected lava samples from Ol Doinyo Lengai in Tanzania, the only natrocarbonitite volcano in existence. They used homemade gas sensors to study its…

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