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DCO Research Test of Hydrocarbons’ Origins Gives Misleading Results

A study of volcanic hydrothermal sites worldwide suggests that hydrocarbons at some of these locations can appear to form in the absence of life, but actually overwhelmingly originate as organic…

DCO Research The Seas Are Alive with the Sound of Methane

Researchers adapted sonar equipment to quantify the amount of methane bubbling up from the floor of the East Siberian Arctic Sea. If deployed on research vessels more widely, these instruments could…

DCO Celebrates a Decade of Discovery and Launches the Next Decade of Deep Carbon Science
DCO Highlights DCO Celebrates a Decade of Discovery, Launches Next

In 2019, the Deep Carbon Observatory is both celebrating a decade of discovery and launching the next decade of deep carbon science.

DCO Highlights DCO Scientists Heed the Call to Improve Wikipedia

Eight members of the DCO science network volunteered to become Wikipedia Fellows and to improve the content of science material on the free online encyclopedia. Through their efforts, they improved…

DCO Highlights MSA Symposium on Deep Carbon Science

The future of deep carbon science featured prominently at the recent Mineralogical Society of America Centennial Symposium, 20-21 June 2019 in Washington, DC.

DCO Research World’s Oldest Groundwater Supports Life

Ancient, isolated groundwaters sampled from 2.7 billion year old rocks at Kidd Creek Observatory in Canada support a tenacious community of microbes that survive on the products of water-rock…

DCO Highlights Ocean Floor Project Explores Uncharted Territory

A new initiative entitled The Ocean Floor – Earth’s Uncharted Interface, is receiving more than $8 million annually for seven years to investigate the interactions among biological, geological, and…

DCO Research Deep-Sea Microbes Prefer Pressure

A recent study demonstrates that deep-sea microbes prefer to maintain their high-pressure lifestyles uninterrupted when visiting researchers’ laboratories, compared to excursions where they…

DCO Highlights 4D Brings New Dimensions to Earth Sciences

The Deep Time Data-Driven Discovery group is a coalition of researchers seeking to answer questions about the evolution of planetary systems through data science tools.

DCO Research Ocean Crust Recycling Began in First Billion Years

An analysis of bits of magma inside olivine crystals from 3.3 billion-year-old rocks suggests that ocean crust was already being recycled back into the subsurface then. The discovery points to an…

 A Letter from Craig Manning, DCO Executive Committee Chair, to the DCO Community
DCO Highlights A Letter to the Community from Craig Manning

"This decade of discovery has laid a strong foundation for deep carbon science continuing well beyond 2019."

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