DECADE (Deep Earth Carbon Degassing) is an international effort to outfit some of the world’s most active volcanoes with permanent gas composition monitoring stations as well as launch campaigns to some of Earth’s most remote volcanoes. To date, the DECADE initiative has funded gas monitoring stations on nine of the world’s 90 top degassing volcanoes. These new stations add to existing monitoring networks operated by the United States Geological Service (USGS), the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV)-University of Palermo (Italy), and the National University of Costa Rica through collaborations, and in some cases partial DECADE support, for a total of about 30 gas monitoring stations on 27 volcanoes world-wide.

The DECADE project deploys portable, durable, and inexpensive instrumentation at active volcanoes. An example of this instrumentation is multiGAS technology, pioneered by DECADE collaborator Alessandro Aiuppa and colleagues, which measures carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and water vapor (steam), the major gases emitted by all volcanoes on the planet. In addition to collecting gas composition data the initiative also deploys continuous sulfur dioxide flux measuring stations (miniDOAS) developed by DECADE collaborator Bo Galle and colleagues. The data collected by these instruments feed into global databases maintained by the European Union (NOVAC, Network for Observation of Volcanic and Atmospheric Change) and the United States (EarthChem and USGS), as well as local data bases maintained at volcano observatories around the globe, providing years of continuous volcano degassing measurements.

DECADE scientists integrate data from their instruments with other sources to increase the accuracy, stringency, and breadth of their work. They incorporate ground-based measurements of emissions collected during field campaigns with global surveys of emissions measured from space (e.g., from the orbiting satellites OMI, GOME-2, OCO-2). During field campaigns, researchers collect gas and rock samples from remote and active volcanoes. They analyze gas samples for complete gas compositions, as well as key isotopes such as carbon and helium, in order to constrain the sources of carbon in volcanic emissions. DECADE scientists also analyze rock samples for trace elements, and melt inclusions for carbon and water content, to get insights into the volatile sources of volcanoes that are too remote to measure directly. Combining satellite measurements with data from permanent monitoring stations and measurements from field campaigns allows DECADE scientists to quantify 132 sources of volcanic emissions. Using directly measured plume gas compositions and extrapolations from rock compositions, 126 of these now have the carbon to sulfur ratios needed to compute carbon dioxide fluxes. In addition to these passively degassing volcanoes, DECADE scientists have compiled data for eruptive emissions and quantified carbon dioxide degassing for some of the 90 volcanoes erupting between 2005 – 2017.  

Some volcanic sources of gas emissions are too small to be detected by satellites, or too remote or diffuse for efficient ground-based monitoring. To include hundreds of such sites around the world, the DECADE team compiled available visual data and used extrapolation methods based on tectonic setting and the type of degassing observed (magmatic versus hydrothermal) to estimate the importance of these sources and their contributions to global volcanic CO2 flux. 

To help extend its reach to remote locations, DECADE is testing a new miniaturized multi-GAS instrument (mini-GAS) to fly on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, commonly known as drones), allowing for direct gas measurements from within volcanic plumes. DECADE researchers also are developing and testing drone-mounted gas sampling devices to collect plume samples for carbon isotopes in order to obtain more data from inaccessible and erupting volcanoes. Ongoing ambitious drone projects include designing gas monitoring stations that can be dropped from drones into volcanic craters for continuous monitoring during highly active periods. 

DECADE on Massaya
Members of the DCO DECADE team after successfully installing a new gas monitoring station at Masaya volcano in Nicaragua. Credit: Marco Liuzzo, INGV Rome, Italy, Alessandro Aiuppa, University of Palermo, Italy, and Angélica Muñoz, The Nicaraguan Institute of Territorial Studies, Nicaragua.


The DECADE initiative began in 2011 at a meeting of volcanologists at a conference in Kamchatka, Russia. The group currently consists of more than two dozen researchers from 10 countries each with extensive experience in volcanic gas emissions studies on volcanoes worldwide, including all countries that operate major national volcano observatories. The group represents a combined 319 years of post-PhD research in the deep Earth cycling of volatile elements, physics and chemistry of fluids, and the evolution of volcanic systems, and represents a broad range of expertise in applied physics, analytical geochemistry, remote sensing, high-temperature/pressure experimental petrology, and boots-on-the-ground geology of active volcanic systems. 

This body of work is represented by over 1000 scientific publications, with nearly 28,000 citations in the scientific literature and a combined H-index of 80. It is the first time such a group of scientists has brought their collective energies to bear on deep carbon cycle science in a coordinated effort. A major effort ongoing within DECADE is to establish formal collaborations among the national volcano observatories on all 7 continents.



The DECADE initiative seeks to use new and established technologies to determine accurate global fluxes of volcanic carbon dioxide to the atmosphere from the world’s most actively degassing volcanoes. The group uses related laboratory-based studies (direct gas sampling & analysis, melt inclusions) to provide new data for direct degassing of deep earth carbon to the atmosphere. The group also provides new insights into temporal variations in gas compositions and fluxes, which can be used to forecast volcanic eruptions.   


DECADE Board of Directors

  • Dr. Tobias Fischer
    Tobias Fischer University of New Mexico, USA
    Dr. Tobias Fischer
    Tobias Fischer
    University of New Mexico, USA

    Dr. Tobias Fischer is a professor of volcanology and director of the Fluids and Volatiles Laboratory at the University of New Mexico. He also chairs the Board of Directors of DCO’s Carbon Observatory Deep Carbon Degassing (DCO-DECADE) international initiative that brings together scientists from about 11 countries to better understand degassing of carbon from active volcanoes and volcanic regions. His research focuses on volcanology with emphasis on active volcanism. He currently conducts research at volcanoes in Central America, the Aleutians, the East African Rift, and Antarctica. Fischer also serves on DCO’s Engagement Advisory Committee.

  • Taryn Lopez
    Taryn Lopez University of Alaska, USA
    Taryn Lopez
    Taryn Lopez
    University of Alaska, USA
  • Patrick Allard
    Patrick Allard France
    Patrick Allard
    Patrick Allard
  • Nicole Bobrowski
    Nicole Bobrowski University of Mainz, Germany
    Nicole Bobrowski
    Nicole Bobrowski
    University of Mainz, Germany

  • Alessandro Aiuta, University of Palermo
    Alessandro Aiuppa University of Palermo, Italy
    Alessandro Aiuta, University of Palermo
    Alessandro Aiuppa
    University of Palermo, Italy

    Dr. Alessandro Aiuppa is a full professor in the Department of Earth and Sea Sciences of the University of Palermo. He also serves as the coordinator of the PhD program in Earth and Sea Sciences. Aiuppa is a member of the Commission for Major Risks (Volcanic Risk Section) of the Civil Protection (Presidency of the Council of Ministers), and is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research. For his research in Volcanic Gas Geochemistry, Aiuppa was awarded a grant in the Call for Ideas ERC-Starting Grant (Project "BRIDGE"; 2012-2015). In 2008, he was awarded the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth Interior (IAVCEI) Wager Medal in 2008 as best under-40 volcanologist. Since 2004, Auippa also has served as a research collaborator at the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, where he collaborates in the geochemical monitoring activities of Italian active volcanoes.

  • Bo Galle
    Bo Galle Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
    Bo Galle
    Bo Galle
    Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
  • Marie Edmonds
    Marie Edmonds University of Cambridge, UK
    Marie Edmonds
    Marie Edmonds
    University of Cambridge, UK

    Dr. Marie Edmonds, a reader in Earth Sciences at the University of Cambridge, is responsible for overall scientific and intellectual oversight of DCO's synthesis and integration activities. She is a mid-career researcher who has built a successful group focused on understanding volatile cycling in the solid Earth. She has a number of leadership roles within the Natural Environment Research Council (the United Kingdom’s primary funding agency) and the Geological Society of London. In addition to serving on DCO’s Executive Committee, Edmonds chairs DCO’s Synthesis Group 2019 and has served as co-chair of the Reservoirs and Fluxes community since November 2014.

  • Giovanni Chiodini
    Giovanni Chiodini INGV Bologna, Italy
    Giovanni Chiodini
    Giovanni Chiodini
    INGV Bologna, Italy


Tobias Fischer

Project Website

Taryn Lopez Aleutians
DECADE’s Taryn Lopez (University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA) working on Gareloi Volcano in the Western Aleutian Islands. Credit: Tobias Fischer, University of New Mexico, USA.



New Estimate of Global Carbon Degassing

Twenty-eight DCO members came together in late April to calculate a new estimate of global carbon dioxide degassing from volcanic sources. This DECADE synthesis workshop group attendees came prepared with a wealth of available volcanic emissions data they used to create a new global estimate. Read more…

A Simple, Affordable Way to Measure Diffuse Carbon Release at Volcanoes

DCO members Matteo Lelli and Brunella Raco (both at the Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources–CNR, Italy), in collaboration with West Systems S.r.l., have developed a new carbon dioxide monitoring device that is smaller, lighter, and cheaper than existing designs. It continuously measures diffuse carbon dioxide released from soil, as well several relevant environmental factors. Read more…

The Shallow Carbon Cycle: Arc Volcanoes Recycle Carbon from Earth’s Crust

Earth is a habitable planet due to the balance of carbon cycling between subsurface and surface environments. Without this deep carbon cycle, we would have neither the climate we know today, nor a breathable atmosphere. Scientists have long thought that carbon emitted from volcanoes is an important part of this balanced equation, but the exact origins of volcanic carbon are difficult to find and quantify. Read more…

VIDEO: Drones Help Scientists Study Guatemalan Volcanoes

A new video from DCO’s Emma Liu (University of Cambridge, UK) and colleagues shows breathtaking aerial footage of the very active Volcán de Fuego in Guatemala. Watch it here.

New LIDAR Instrument Lets Volcanologists Monitor Eruptions from Afar

Recent studies suggest that before a volcano erupts, it ramps up its release of carbon dioxide from magma deep below the surface. These fluxes may provide an important early warning signal that an eruption is imminent. Researchers can measure volcanic gases using sampling instruments, but they must install these devices at the rim of the crater, placing both themselves and the instrument at risk. Read more…

Deep Carbon Degassing Measurements Help Explain Unrest at Campi Flegrei

Over the last ten years, ground uplift at Campi Flegrei, an enormous caldera in Italy, resulted in intense scientific scrutiny of this reawakening volcano. DECADE’s Giovanni Chiodini and colleagues began collecting gas samples from Solfatara, an active fumarolic field within the 12km-wide caldera, to analyze the deep processes potentially controlling new activity. In a paper, Chiodini et al lay out a model for magma degassing and decompression, which could explain the ongoing Campi Flegrei unrest. Read more…

Measuring Volcanic Eruptions from Space: Uniting Geophysical and Geochemical Data

In a new paper, DCO collaborators Brendan McCormick Kilbride, Marie Edmonds, and Juliet Biggs analyzed several sets of satellite data in order to reconcile, for the first time, geophysical and geochemical models of magma composition. Read more…

High-Frequency Gas Monitoring Reveals Carbon Dioxide Precursor to Eruptions at Turrialba Volcano

In a new article and an online Earthchem database, a DCO-DECADE team led by Maarten de Moor and Alessandro tracked changes in gas composition and flux from 2014 to present at Turrialba Volcano. Read more…

New App: Eruptions, Earthquakes, and Emissions

On average, 40 volcanoes on land erupt into the atmosphere each month, while scores of others on the seafloor erupt into the ocean. A new time-lapse animation uniting volcanoes, earthquakes, and gaseous emissions reveals unforgettably the large, rigid plates that make the outermost shell of Earth and suggests the immense heat and energy beneath them seeking to escape. View the app here

DCO DECADE Team Head to Papua New Guinea to Measure Volcanic Carbon Degassing

An international team of scientists is traveling to the islands of Papua New Guinea this September to study degassing from active volcanoes in remote jungles there. Some of these volcanoes are among the most active on Earth, ejecting a significant proportion of global volcanic gases into the atmosphere. Read more…



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Volcano Sites

The DECADE group also conducts laboratory analyses, using elemental and isotopic mass spectrometry methods, on samples of gas and melt inclusions collected at the same volcanic sites.
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