Special Nature collection on Deep Carbon science, October 2019

Nature has published a special collection of DCO research that previously appeared in Nature journals, along with commissioned review articles elucidating recent progress in deep carbon science. The collection of 44 publications demonstrates DCO has increased understanding of the diversity, population sizes, and metabolic activities of deep microbes; the quantities and forms of carbon in the core, mantle, and crust; how Earth’s formation and evolution dictated the current distribution of carbon; the creation of organic carbon compounds independent of life; and the formation and release of carbon dioxide through various tectonic processes.

The collection opens with a question and answer interview with DCO leaders Robert Hazen (Carnegie Institution for Science, USA), executive director of DCO, and Marie Edmonds (Cambridge University, UK), chair of Synthesis Group 2019, who spearheaded the collection. The core collection consists of nine articles and reviews, in addition to nine articles published by the Deep Life community, seven by the Deep Energy community, and 19 articles by members of the Reservoirs and Fluxes community.

Terry Plank (Columbia University, USA) and Craig Manning (University of California, Los Angeles, USA) authored the most recent review on Subducting Carbon, which addresses a variety of DCO research areas. Additional commissioned reviews will appear in Nature journals later this year. Many of the papers and commissioned review articles are freely available for 12 months.

Cite as: Plail, Melissa (Ed.)  (21 October 2019).  Deep Carbon [ Collection].

Core Collection

Nature Subducting Carbon Terry Plank, Craig E. Manning
Nature Communications Subseafloor life and its biogeochemical impacts Steven D’Hondt, Robert Pockalny, Arthur J. Spivack
Nature Reviews Microbiology Ecology and evolution of seafloor and subseafloor microbial communities William D. Orsi
Nature Reviews Microbiology An evolving view of methane metabolism in the Archaea Paul N. Evans, Joel A. Boyd, Gene W. Tyson
Nature Geoscience An essential role for continental rifts and lithosphere in the deep carbon cycle Stephen F. Foley, Tobias P. Fischer
Nature Geoscience The biomass and biodiversity of the continental subsurface C. Magnabosco, L.-H. Lin, T. C. Onstott
Nature Reviews Microbiology The microbiomes of deep-sea hydrothermal vents: distributed globally, shaped locally Gregory J. Dick
Nature Forearc carbon sink reduces long-term volatile recycling into the mantle P. H. Barry, J. M. de Moor, K. G. Lloyd
Nature Slab melting as a barrier to deep carbon subduction Andrew R. Thomson, Michael J. Walter, Richard A. Brooker
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