A Letter from Craig Manning, DCO Executive Committee Chair, to the DCO Community

"This decade of discovery has laid a strong foundation for deep carbon science continuing well beyond 2019."

Dear DCO Science Network,

Craig ManningAs of 1 July 2019, we have 184 days left in DCO’s current configuration before we launch the next decade of deep carbon science. The initial decadal program has been filled with transformational discoveries, successful collaborations, and extraordinary advances in understanding how deep carbon affects planetary processes, exemplified in the more than 1400 publications in the bibliography of contributions to the DCO. This decade of discovery has laid a strong foundation for deep carbon science continuing well beyond 2019. Many programs that will continue beyond 2019 are already underway, carrying on DCO’s ethos of multidisciplinary investigations of big questions. More are sure to follow.

Over the next six months, many opportunities remain to further strengthen the foundations we have laid, so that deep carbon science and the community we have built can continue to flourish in the coming years. I encourage all members of the DCO science network to step up to the challenge of submitting all relevant papers and successfully concluding DCO-related projects supported by grants from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. For those of you currently receiving funding through DCO, now is the time to ensure that by the end of the year your accounts are fully expended. If you have any questions at all about spending down the remainder of your grant, please contact myself or Craig Schiffries

Collectively, there is much to celebrate at this 10-year waypoint. A large contingent of DCO researchers will share their research findings at the 2019 Goldschmidt Conference in Barcelona. We will celebrate the last ten years of deep carbon science and formally launch the next decade at our own conference, Deep Carbon 2019: Launching the Next Decade of Deep Carbon Science, in Washington DC in October 2019. And I expect that many of you will share additional discoveries and remaining scientific questions at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco in December 2019. 

I am gratified to see so many synthesis products reaching completion. In 2019 alone, members of our community will publish ten books and special issues of journals. This represents a phenomenal "ten in ten" achievement – ten years of research, exploration, and discovery compiled in ten major contributions to the deep carbon scientific literature. 

I look forward to concluding this year with a strong legacy of sound scientific findings, extensive and accessible datasets and models, and continued collaborations across communities, cultures, and locations. I thank each of our more than 1200 scientists, who joined together to form a vibrant, collaborative, multidisciplinary community. Your contributions to deep carbon science have created a field of multidisciplinary research that answers important questions about Earth’s inner workings. 

Craig Manning, DCO Executive Committee Chair, University of California Los Angeles, USA

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