Missing Wikipedia Article on Serpentinization: A Hat for Your Thoughts

Serpentinization warrants an article on Wikipedia. Might you lend a hand?

The Engagement Team has been tasked to help the DCO community improve deep carbon science topics on Wikipedia. We systematically search Wikipedia to flag articles in need of attention.

Of all the deep carbon science topics we’ve seen to date, the most critically underdeveloped is serpentinization. The term “serpentinization” simply redirects to the article on “serpentinite,” where various serpentinization reactions have been thrown in and described without citations. An independent “serpentinization” page could expand upon this section, citing the wealth of research on this important topic.

DCO hat
This hat could be yours! 

We think it’s time for serpentinization to have a Wikipedia page of its own, and we’re offering a handsome Deep Carbon Observatory hat (pictured) for whomever takes it on as a way to show our appreciation. 

Write up a page, send a link with your contact information, and a DCO hat will be on its way to you. 

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