Modeling Tools


Virtual Plate Tectonic Deep Carbon Laboratory This is a script-based toolkit to extract global data from plate models such as global subduction zone lengths and ocean crust CO2 content created by a team led by Dr. Dietmar Muller (University of Sydney, AU). Project blog. Datasets for use. Learn more.

Melts and dew modeling tools

MELTS and DEW modeling experts Mark Ghiorso (OFM Research, USA) and Dimitri Sverjensky (Johns Hopkins University, USA) are working to integrate existing thermodynamic models of magmas (MELTS) and fluids (DEW) to form a framework allowing researchers to model the mass transfer and transport of carbon and other chemical elements within Earth. Short course presentations are available to learn how to use this first integrated thermodynamic model of the magma-fluid system to predict how carbon moves between solid, liquid, and fluid phases in response to temperature and pressure. Learn more.

BERRP modeling tools

Modeling and Visualization Resources The Deep Carbon Observatory is creating new computational tools to probe and visualize carbon transport from the interior to the atmosphere of our planet and back again. Through an online open access platform created by a team led by Dr. Louise Kellogg (University of California Davis, USA), deep carbon researchers, and other interested scientists have access to the latest modeling tools for visualizing and sharing their scientific results. Learn more.

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