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 Imperfect Diamonds Paved Way to Historic New Deep Earth Discoveries
DCO Press Release Diamonds Paved Way to Deep Earth Discoveries

Deep Carbon Observatory highlights 10 top discoveries to celebrate first 10 years of a global investigation of Earth’s largest, least-known ecosystem: 1,200 scientists from 55 nations, 1,400 peer-…

 Scientists Quantify Global Volcanic CO2 Venting; Estimate Total Carbon on Earth
DCO Press Release Scientists Estimate Total Carbon on Earth

Scientists update estimates of Earth’s immense interior carbon reservoirs, and how much carbon Deep Earth naturally swallows and exhales.

Biotic methane bubbles at the La Brea Tar Pits
DCO Press Release Rewriting the Textbook on Fossil Fuels

Experts say scientific understanding of deep hydrocarbons has been transformed, with new insights gained into the sources of energy that could have catalyzed and nurtured Earth’s earliest forms of…

Eukaryote in biofilm
DCO Press Release Life in Deep Earth Totals 15 to 23 Billion Tonnes of Carbon

Barely living "zombie" bacteria and other forms of life constitute an immense amount of carbon deep within Earth's subsurface—245 to 385 times greater than the carbon mass of all humans on the…

DCO Press Release Big Data Points Humanity to New Minerals, Deposits

The private lives of minerals: Understanding how and where minerals hook up helps predict location, promises to speed discovery rate.

DCO Press Release Mineralogy of the Anthropocene

Humans: the greatest contributor to diversity of minerals since oxygen

Scientists Closer to Forecasting Volcanic Eruptions
DCO Press Release Exhaling Earth: Scientists Closer to Forecasting Volcanic Eruptions

New app shows intimate ties between volcanoes and earthquakes and gives open access to 50+ years of data on quakes, eruptions, and related emissions.

DCO Press Release How Hot is Too Hot for Earth-Style Life?

Mission seeks to answer key questions: How deep is Earth’s habitable zone? How deep is the deep subseafloor biosphere? How does the deep biosphere affect life at the surface? Could life have…

Carbon Mineral Challenge infographic
DCO Press Release Announcing the Carbon Mineral Challenge: A Worldwide Hunt for New Carbon Minerals

New research predicts at least 145 of Earth’s carbon-bearing minerals remain undiscovered. How many can collectors find by 2019?

Cover of DCO Midertm Scientific Report

A new report describes rapid advances in carbon science.

Aerial view of lake Dziani Dzaha with boat
DCO Press Release DCO Media Advisory September 2014: Field Studies

From ocean bottom to volcano tops, DCO scientists are exploring Earth’s most remote locales.

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