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DCO at Goldschmidt 2019
DCO Highlights Deep Carbon Science at Goldschmidt 2019

The Deep Carbon Observatory was well represented at Goldschmidt 2019, which took place from 18–23 August at the Centre Convencions Internacional in Barcelona, Spain.

DCO Research Superdeep Diamonds Carry Primordial Helium

Results from the first ever analysis of helium isotopes from fluids trapped in superdeep diamonds support the existence of a reservoir of ancient helium that has existed in Earth’s interior since its…

DCO Highlights Wiki Education's Student Program

A Wikipedia writing assignment is a great opportunity for instructors to teach science communication skills on a world stage. In this kind of assignment, students create or improve Wikipedia articles…

DCO Highlights Collecting Diamonds Only a Scientist Could Love

Earlier this year, DCO researchers traveled to the Juína municipality in Brazil, an area that has been supplying ultra-deep diamonds to science for more than 20 years. They collected many of these…

DCO Highlights Scientists Gather in Sydney for “Carbon Down Under”

Sixty-five new and existing Deep Carbon Observatory members took part in the ‘Carbon Down Under’ workshop, held at the University of Sydney on 24 and 25 July 2019.

DCO Research Eating Up Limestone Gives Volcanoes Gas

A team of researchers examined pieces of limestone crust picked up and erupted from Merapi volcano in Indonesia. They discovered that the limestone rapidly transformed, losing much of its carbon in…

DCO Research Why Aren’t Subseafloor Microbes Cleaning Their Plates?

A new review article discusses the role of subseafloor microbes in driving global biogeochemical cycles. The authors propose a new explanation for why microbes fail to consume all the organic matter…

DCO Research Test of Hydrocarbons’ Origins Gives Misleading Results

A study of volcanic hydrothermal sites worldwide suggests that hydrocarbons at some of these locations can appear to form in the absence of life, but actually overwhelmingly originate as organic…

DCO Research The Seas Are Alive with the Sound of Methane

Researchers adapted sonar equipment to quantify the amount of methane bubbling up from the floor of the East Siberian Arctic Sea. If deployed on research vessels more widely, these instruments could…

DCO Celebrates a Decade of Discovery and Launches the Next Decade of Deep Carbon Science
DCO Highlights DCO Celebrates a Decade of Discovery, Launches Next

In 2019, the Deep Carbon Observatory is both celebrating a decade of discovery and launching the next decade of deep carbon science.

DCO Highlights DCO Scientists Heed the Call to Improve Wikipedia

Eight members of the DCO science network volunteered to become Wikipedia Fellows and to improve the content of science material on the free online encyclopedia. Through their efforts, they improved…

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