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AGU 2018 Fall Meeting
DCO Highlights AGU 2018 Fall Meeting Sessions of Interest

AGU 2018 Fall Meeting abstract submission deadline is 1 August 2018, 11:59 P.M. EDT.

Gordon Research Conference
DCO Highlights Deep Thoughts on Deep Carbon

A diverse, multidisciplinary group of scientists attended the inaugural Gordon Research Conference on Deep Carbon Science, 17-22 June 2018 for five days of lively, provocative discussions.

DCO hat
DCO Highlights A Hat for Your Thoughts

Serpentinization warrants an article on Wikipedia. Might you lend a hand?

Closeup of core
DCO Research Old Microbes Produce Methane in Mud Volcanoes

An international collaboration of scientists explores the interactions between the deep biosphere and geosphere by drilling into a mud volcano off the coast of Japan.

DCO Research Volcanic Degassing Refuses to Follow Rules of Equilibrium

When gases escape at mid-ocean ridges, carbon dioxide and heavier noble gases don’t have time to stabilize between the bubbles and the magma. A portion of these gases “miss the bus” and stay behind…

You Tube video
DCO Research Large Igneous Provinces are a Source and Sink for CO2

Modeling the location of Large Igneous Provinces for the past 400 million years shows that their eruptions and subsequent weathering modulate global climate.

Webinar Wednesday 13 June 2018
DCO Upcoming Events Webinar 13 June 2018: Why and How to Cite Data

Learn how the Data Science team is using new technologies to increase the visibility, validity, and accessibility of DCO data.

DCO at Goldschmidt 2018
DCO Highlights Deep Carbon Science at the 2018 Goldschmidt Conference

A large contingent of DCO researchers will participate in Goldschmidt 2018 on 12–17 August in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

DECADE Workshop
DCO Highlights New Estimate of Global Carbon Degassing

Twenty-eight DCO members came together in late April to calculate a new estimate of global carbon dioxide degassing from volcanic sources.

DCO Research Pyroxenites Put Brakes on Mantle Melting

When pyroxenites get mixed into the mantle, their presence decreases the extent of melting, reducing the creation of new oceanic crust and potentially the amount of deep carbon released to the…

One of Two New Carbon Minerals is First of Its Kind
DCO Research One of Two New Carbon Minerals is First of Its Kind

Three years and 15 new minerals later, the Carbon Mineral Challenge continues to produce surprises.

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