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DCO ABOVE Expedition
DCO Highlights DCO ABOVE Expedition Blog

DCO ABOVE (Aerial-based Observations of Volcanic Emissions) is the second part of a DCO-funded project to explore volcanic emissions in Papua New Guinea using cutting-edge drone technologies.

 Solving Subduction Zone ‘Headaches’
DCO Research Solving Subduction Zone ‘Headaches’

A new way of determining the amount of carbon entering a subduction zone, where an oceanic plate sinks beneath a continental plate, could lead to better estimates of the global movement of carbon…

Methane-Eating Microbes
DCO Research Keeping Tabs on Methane-Eating Microbes

Anaerobic methanotrophs are a group of microbes that consume methane and live a low-energy lifestyle in oxygen-free environments. A new study shows that measuring the ratio of rare isotopes of…

When Pressure Builds Too Fast, Ice Gets Stuck in ‘Glassy’ Form
DCO Research ‘Glassy’ Ice is Experimental Side Effect

At high pressures and low temperature, water can form amorphous ice – a non-crystallized ‘glass-like’ solid that researchers had thought was related to supercooled water. New research, however, shows…

DCO Highlights Earth 4D: Water, Life, and Space through Time

DCO collaborator Barbara Sherwood Lollar and fellow program director Jack Mustard have launched Earth 4D – Subsurface Science and Exploration, a five-year project supported by the Canadian Institute…

more viruses revealed below the seafloor
DCO Research Many More Viruses Revealed Below the Seafloor

Researchers at JAMSTEC have developed a new method to extract viruses from deep-sea sediments, yielding up to hundreds of times more virus particles than former techniques. The improved method…

stromboli volcano
DCO Research New Book on Volcanic Plumes

A new open-access book entitled “Volcanic Plumes: Impacts on the Atmosphere and Insights into Volcanic Processes” describes new discoveries and research methodologies in the study of volcanic plumes.

‘CLEVER Planets’ Project
DCO Highlights How to Make a Habitable Planet

Researchers on the CLEVER Planets project, supported by a $7.7 million grant from NASA in 2018, are already making advances in understanding how Earth and other rocky planets attained the elements…

DCO Research Diamonds Reveal Earth’s Secrets

Diamonds may be beloved by jewelry collectors, but they are truly a geologist’s best friend. New research reveals how a buoyant section of mantle beneath some of the continents became thick enough…

DCO Highlights The DCO Community Pays Tribute to Louise Kellogg

Louise Kellogg passed away on April 15, 2019. Louise built bridges among communities with her scientific vision and dedication to equity. She consistently promoted early career and underrepresented…

Eclogitic Diamonds Formed From Oceanic Crust, Study Shows
DCO Research Eclogitic Diamonds From Oceanic Crust

Eclogitic diamonds formed in Earth’s mantle originate from oceanic crust, rather than marine sediments as commonly thought, according to a new study.

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