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DCO Highlights DCO Sessions:Goldschmidt 2018

The 28th Goldschmidt Conference will take place at the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center in Boston from 12-17 August 2018.

DCO Highlights Expanding the DCO Science Network in India

The Deep Carbon Cycle Symposium in Hyderabad, India on 7 December 2017 strengthened and broadened mutually advantageous scientific partnerships between the Deep Carbon Observatory and researchers in…

DCO Highlights VIDEO: Biology Meets Subduction

Members of the four DCO Science Communities conducted a scientific investigation at Costa Rican volcanic sites through the lenses of biology, chemistry, physics, and geology.

DCO Highlights To Jupyter and Beyond: A Conversation with Peter Fox

In his role leading DCO’s Data Science Team, Peter Fox has been instrumental in helping DCO deal with its data.

DCO Highlights DCO at the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting

The 2017 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting (11-15 December 2017) embraced the unfamiliar, bringing 22,000 Earth and space scientists together in New Orleans instead of the usual San Francisco.

DCO Highlights 2017 DCO Emerging Leader Award Recipients Selected

The Deep Carbon Observatory has selected three early career scientists to receive the 2017 DCO Emerging Leader Awards.

DCO Highlights DCO Code of Conduct and Policy on Respect

As a community of more than 1000 members around the globe, the Deep Carbon Observatory strives for a safe and respectful workplace environment. To this end, the DCO Executive Committee has come…

DCO Research Rodinia Supercontinents Different from Others

Many people have heard of Pangaea, the supercontinent that included all continents on Earth and began to break up about 175 million years ago. But before Pangaea, Earth’s landmasses ripped apart and…

DCO Research Core-Mantle Boundary: Hiding Place for Oxygen?

Almost 3,000 kilometers below the surface, mysterious patches sit in between the rocky mantle and Earth’s iron-rich core. Scientists know of these blotches because they significantly slow passing…

Degassing from Continental Rifts Controls Earth’s Thermostat
DCO Research Continental Rifts Degassing Controls Thermostat

As a greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has played a major role in regulating Earth’s climate throughout its history. There are vast stores of carbon in the subsurface, but the global…

DCO Highlights Deep Life, EPC Community Proposals Funded

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has awarded two years of funding for Extreme Physics and Chemistry (EPC) and Deep Life (DL) community activity as part of its ten-year commitment to the Deep Carbon…

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