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2018 ELA Recipients
DCO Highlights 2018 DCO Emerging Leader Award Recipients Selected

DCO has selected two early career scientists as recipients of the 2018 Emerging Leader Awards.

DCO Highlights DCO Deep Life Community Launches New International Center

On 30 October 2018 the new International Center for Deep Life Investigation held its inaugural symposium at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, followed by the Deep Life Community's final all hands…

CCM in serpentinite
DCO Research Clumps of Organic Carbon Found Within Serpentinites

A new analysis of ancient rocks that once lay on the floor of the Tethys Sea finds clusters of organic compounds associated with minerals from serpentinites. Thermodynamic calculations had predicted…

2019 Synthesis Webinar Series
DCO Highlights DCO Webinar Wednesdays Return for Another Run

The Synthesizing Science Series: Scientists share stories about how they are pushing boundaries as they unlock the mysteries of deep Earth.

degassing at faults
DCO Research Spreading Faults Create New Deep Carbon Leaks

Researchers compiled and digitized records of global carbon dioxide leaks to show that carbon dioxide escapes in areas where plate tectonics open cracks in the crust.

DCO Highlights Two New Sloan Foundation Grants for Deep Carbon Science

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation is supporting two new deep carbon science projects. “Carbon Down Under” and “Carbon Mineral Evolution” will grow the deep carbon science community and its scientific…

Martian Organic Molecules Came From Natural “Batteries”
DCO Research Martian Organics Came From Natural “Batteries”

A close-up look at minerals in Martian meteorites shows that complex organic compounds formed not from life, but from electrochemical reactions similar to the ones that occur in a battery.

DCO Research Amino Acids Form in Oceanic Crust

A new study finds that when certain rocks below the seafloor interact with seawater and undergo serpentinization, they can create amino acids. These serpentinizing rocks were common in early Earth’s…

DCO Highlights Sloan Foundation Grants to DCO through 2019

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation approved three grants in October 2018 that support DCO activities through the end of the decadal program on 31 December 2019.

he Science Channel Investigates the “Dark Origins of the Moon” with DCO Scientists and Instrumentation
DCO Highlights Science Channel Investigates the “Dark Origins of the Moon”

A recent episode of the Science Channel’s documentary series “Space’s Deepest Secrets” explores the formation of Earth’s moon, and featured DCO Deep Energy co-Chair Edward Young and the Panorama mass…

 Expedition Papua New Guinea
DCO Highlights Expedition Papua New Guinea

The newly funded “Aerial Observations of Volcanic Emissions from Unmanned Aerial Systems” field study got off to a flying start on Monday, 21 October 2018. Follow the team’s progress here.

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