Call for Papers to Contribute to Deep Carbon Science Research Topic


A new research topic in the journal Frontiers will share new insights in deep carbon science from across the DCO Science Network. It will feature papers from all of DCO’s science communities (Extreme Physics and Chemistry, Reservoirs and Fluxes, Deep Energy, and Deep Life) and the Modeling and Visualization and Data Science groups. The editors, Isabelle Danielle (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France), Sabin Zahirovic (University of Sydney, Australia) Dan Bower (Universität Bern, Switzerland), Artur Ionescu (Babes-Bolyai University, Romania), Mattia Pistone (Université de Lausanne, Switzerland), Sami Mikhail (University of St Andrews, UK), and Dawn Cardace (University of Rhode Island, USA) invite all DCO scientists and their colleagues to contribute. 

This research topic will gather advances in our understanding of the slow, deep carbon cycle that among other factors controls the habitability of planet Earth over geological time scales. Submitted papers are welcome to explore different facets of this unifying concept. This includes the forms of carbon in the deep Earth, whether at shallow or great depth (methane, abiotic hydrocarbons, carbon mineralogy and petrology, diamonds). 

This collection also considers the origins of carbon, whether biotic or abiotic, and includes the origin of terrestrial carbon. How was it delivered and processed on the early Earth? How could this relate to the origin of life? Contributions about the interrogation of carbon emission, processing transfers in all geological/tectonics settings – oceanic ridges, seafloor, rifts, arc volcanoes, and others – are also welcome. Submissions may also include modeling initiatives of the different aspects of the deep Earth carbon budget, including geochemical, tectonic, and geodynamic investigations. Last but not least, submissions also may include ecological, physiological, and experimental investigations of the subsurface biosphere.

If you would like to submit an article to this Frontiers research topic, please do so via the website

Abstract Submission Deadline: 30 November 2018
Manuscript Submission Deadline: 1 May 2019

For more information, please contact Isabelle Daniel or Sabin Zahirovic.

30 November 2018
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