PhD Position On Fluid-Rock Interactions and Deep Carbon Cycling, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Torino, Italy

We seek a promising young scientist to pursue PhD research on metamorphic processes of abiotic hydrocarbon generation and recycling at high-pressure conditions relevant to subduction zone forearcs. This topic is gaining an increasing interest in the Earth Science communities, and the goal of this PhD is to provide groundbreaking results from the study of natural samples and their geological environment. The study stems from the recent discovery of processes of abiotic methanogenesis in metamorphic rocks from the Alpine belt (Vitale Brovarone et al., 2017, Nature Communications). The work will focus on the study of natural samples of metamorphic rocks of mafic/ultramafic composition from different mountain belts, and will include —based on the background of the selected candidate — a combination of petrological/mineralogical and structural observations from the field down to the micro-nanoscale (optical and electron microscopy), geochemical investigations of both solid and fluid phases, including quantifications of Fe3+/Fe2+ ratios in solid phases, stable isotope analysis (C, O, H), and/or thermodynamic modeling in order to reconstruct the formation conditions and speciation of these fluids. The PhD will be based at Torino University, Italy, and will include mobility to Paris, France, within the frame of ongoing collaborations. For additional information, please contact

Deadline Noon (Central European Summer Time), 6AM (Eastern Daylight Time) on 5 September 2018.



05 September 2018
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