Postdoctoral Fellow in Microbial Ecology - Desert Research Institute, Las Vegas, NV, USA

The Desert Research Institute (DRI) in Las Vegas, NV invites applications for a postdoctoral fellowship in Microbial Ecology. This innovative research aims to tie genomic data to microbial function by examining rates of environmental processes at the level of the individual cell. Our NSF-funded project combines microbiology, environmental biogeochemistry, and bioinformatics, with an emphasis on the continental and marine deep biosphere and biodegradation of contaminants of emerging concern. The successful applicant will join a dynamic project team with collaborators at the Single-Cell Genomics Center (Bigelow Lab, ME) and the University of New Hampshire. 

This multidisciplinary position is based in DRI’s Environmental Microbiology and Astrobiology Labs, which focus on life in extreme environments (e.g., caves, hypersaline), water quality, and molecular archaeology, in collaboration with the University of Nevada Las Vegas, NASA Ames, the University of New Mexico, NASA GeneLab, and the DOE Joint Genome Institute. Our group is well-positioned within the Microbial Ecology, Deep Life, and Astrobiology Communities, providing excellent opportunities for early career recognition, networking, and publishing.

•    Ph.D. in microbiology, aquatic sciences, or a related discipline from an accredited institution.
•    Background in bioinformatics (e.g. 16S iTag libraries, genomics, metagenomics) and a working knowledge of microbial physiology.
•    Expertise in laboratory science (e.g. DNA manipulations, chemistry or microbial cultivation).
•    Ability to participate in and coordinate collaborative research in a team setting.
•    Ability to work independently to meet project milestones and reporting deadlines.
•    Ability to effectively analyze and report findings to sponsors, at conferences, and in the scientific literature (clear written and spoken English).
•    Strong work ethic and professional accountability. 

Salaries are competitive and commensurate with qualifications, with continued appointment (assessed annually for up to a maximum of three years) being dependent upon performance and availability of funding. Given satisfactory performance, and proven ability to generate research funding, this position has the potential to evolve into a regular research faculty position. This position is eligible for benefits and relocation; see Postdoctoral Fellow benefits summary for an overview:

Qualified individuals interested in this position must apply online at 

To ensure full consideration, application packages should be received by June 6, 2019. Applicants can also apply after this date as the posting will stay open until filled. 

For more detailed information about DRI, please visit us at For questions regarding this position or assistance with your application, please call the recruiting office at 702-862-5548.

06 June 2019
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