Postdoctoral Fellowships - Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution for Science

Applications are invited for postdoctoral fellowship positions to conduct independent research in the fields of astronomy, cosmochemistry, geochemistry, geophysics, planetary science or volcanology. DTM staff scientists pursue these fields in the general quest for improved understanding of the origin and evolution of Earth and other planets and planetary systems. The successful applicant’s primary field of research should overlap with one or more of these fields, but collaboration with other research areas on campus is encouraged.

DTM fellowships provide support for observing, conference and meeting travel, computing, access to campus analytical facilities, and the publication of results from postdoctoral work. Scientific computing resources available to the campus include the Carnegie Memex cluster (2500+ cores) in addition to local computing resources. Chemical and sample characterization facilities on campus include Cameca 6F and NanoSIMS 50L ion probes, Nu Plasma HR multicollector ICP-MS with laser ablation capability, i-CapQ quadrupole mass spectrometer, Triton thermal ionization mass spectrometer, JEOL 6500F SEM, along with shared access to a JEOL JXA-8530F field emission electron microprobe, and Zeiss-Auriga SEM, and a FEI Xe-plasma FIB-SEM. A wide range of clean chemistry laboratory, optical microscopy and mineral separation facilities supports the instruments.

See the full job posting here.

01 December 2018
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