Postdoctoral position in the IMPACT ERC project - CNRS, Lyon, France

One postdoc position is available in the IMPACT ERC project based in Lyon, France, starting in Autumn 2019.

The position is to study the supercritical state and the liquid – vapor equilibria of a variety of multicomponent silicate and oxide systems using large-scale ab initio simulations. The successful candidate will explore the role particular volatile systems play in the chemical equilibria of complex natural systems, their behavior in the magma ocean, and possible escape pathways. He/she will study broad giant impact and protolunar conditions, with typical temperatures in the 3000 – 15000 K range and densities in the 0.1 – 7 g/cm3 range. For comparison, average rocks at the surface of the Earth are found between 250 and 1700 K, and in the 2-3 g/cm3 density range.

More information and to apply:

31 July 2019
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