Two postdoctoral researcher positions in active-source seismology - JAMSTEC

The Structural Seismology Group in Center for Earthquake and Tsunami (CEAT), JAMSTEC invites applications for two Postdoctoral Researcher positions working for a research project entitled “Subduction Zone Observation and Monitoring for Hazard Mitigation”. This project is an integrated seismogenic zone research project through seismic surveys, seafloor observations, and monitoring earthquakes and tsunamis. Applicants are expected to study structures of subduction seismogenic zones around Japan, such as the Nankai Trough and Japan Trench, using active-source seismic data from multichannel seismic reflection surveys and/or OBS wide-angle seismic surveys conducted by JAMSTEC research vessels KAIREI and KAIMEI.

A deadline of the application is November 15, 2018. We expect to start this position from April 1, 2019.

Please refer to the website ( for details about this postdoc position.

15 November 2018
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