USGS Mendenhall Fellowship Opportunity - USGS Menlo Park CA

USGS Mendenhall Research Opportunity 17-14:  Using paleomagnetism to understand the tempo of hazardous volcanic and neotectonic activity

We seek a postdoctoral scientist with strong field and laboratory experience in paleomagnetism to work with experienced geologists, paleomagnetists, and chronologists at the USGS in Menlo Park CA on problems related to hazards from volcanic and neotectonic activity.  Paleomagnetism can provide critical constraints on the eruptive behavior of volcanoes and on the extent, magnitude, and timing of deformation in active tectonic terranes.  We welcome proposals on topics such as eruptive frequency of volcanoes along the Cascades and Aleutian arcs, or improving our understanding of the timing and duration of magmatism at high threat volcanoes, or constraining magnitudes and rates of deformation to evaluate potential seismic hazards in the Pacific Northwest or other tectonically active regions of the western United States.

Potential candidates can view the full project information at:

Applicants are encouraged to contact any or all of the research advisors listed in the project description and discuss potential postdoc project ideas. Applications must be submitted through at:

Closing date is January 18, 2019.

18 January 2019
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