2014 AGU Fall Meeting - Tip Sheet


The Deep Carbon Observatory:
Investigating Quantities, Movements, Forms
and Origins of Carbon In Earth

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Full press release and images are available here.


A suite of sessions explores the full extent of global carbon cycle, including migration, outgassing from Earth and other planetary bodies, and natural carbon storage 8-10AM | V11D | Marriott Marquis Salon 10-12
10:20AM-12:20PM | V12A | Marriott Marquis Salon 10-12
1:20-6:00PM | V13A | Moscone South
A new mechanism of diamond formation in the deep Earth by pH drop Dimitri Sverjensky
9:45AM | Talk V11D-08 | Marriott Marquis Salon 10-12
Movement of tectonic plates created Earth’s unique atmosphere, according to deep Earth model Sami Mikhail
1:40-6:00PM | Poster V13A-4751 | Moscone South
Improved volcano monitoring refines estimates of volcanic contributions to atmospheric CO2 levels Philippe Robidoux
11:35AM | Talk V12A-06 | Marriott Marquis Salon 10-12
Geochemical studies suggest 30 million-year-old fluids buried 2.5 kilometers underground host microbes of same age Riikka Kietäväinen
1:40-6:00PM | Poster B13A-0163 | Moscone West
Natural aquifer sequestered carbon dioxide for millions of years; research clarifies overlooked path of carbon flux in deep Earth Kiran Sathaye
1:40-6:00PM | Poster V13A-4761 | Moscone South


Deep carbon cycling in ancient waters through abiotic chemistry and microbiology: Implications for astrobiology and Mars analogs Barbara Sherwood Lollar
2:40PM | Talk B23G-05 | 2004 Moscone West
4:45PM | Talk P24A-04 | 2009 Moscone West
Raise a glass with deep carbon scientists from around the world to celebrate DCO’s halfway mark and release of DCO midterm scientific report DCO Reception | 6:00-9:00PM
Restaurant LuLu, 816 Folsom Street
Hors d’oeuvres, beer, and wine provided


New data from ROSETTA satellite: origins of nitrogen and water on Earth Bernard Marty
1:40-6:00M | Poster P33D-4044 | Moscone South
Earthquakes at or near volcanoes caused by magma moving underground Taryn Lopez
2:25PM | Talk V33E-04 | 308 Moscone South


New data from satellites OCO-2 and GOSAT: detecting volcanic CO2 emissions from space Florian Schwandner
8:00AM-12:20PM | A41H-3160 | Moscone South
Improved volcano monitoring refines estimates of volcanic contributions to atmospheric CO2 levels through DCO’s DECADE (DEep CArbon DEgassing) initiative DECADE Town Hall
12:30-1:30PM | TH43E | 2003 Moscone West


Experiments show geologically-produced methane more widespread than previously thought, with potential to support extensive deep biosphere Giuseppe Etiope
1:40-6:00PM | Posters V53A-4821 & V53A-4823 | Moscone South


Media contact: katie_pratt@mail.uri.edu | Twitter: @deepcarb #DCOatAGU14

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