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Many people, including staff and DCO Science Network members, contribute to the DCO website. This page spotlights the roles of DCO staff members involved in web design, content, and development.


Managing Editor

Katie Pratt, University of Rhode Island
DCO Engagement Team

Katie writes and edits featured content for the DCO website. She works with DCO scientists to highlight their new deep carbon publications, invites web reports and live blogs from scientists on field expeditions, and writes reports on DCO activities at meetings and conferences around the world. She also compiles featured content on the DCO website into a monthly newsletter, From the Deep.

Contributing Editor

Michelle Hoon-Starr, Carnegie Institution for Science
DCO Secretariat

Michelle serves as a contributing editor for featured content on She writes and edits articles about deep carbon science publications and DCO meetings, workshops, and events. She also oversees DCO’s gallery of presentations.

Synthesis Hub Content Manager

Darlene Trew Crist, Crist Communications
Synthesis Group 2019, DCO Engagement Team

Darlene, manager of DCO’s Synthesis Group 2019, oversees content on the DCO website related to synthesis initiatives. She helped create DCO’s new synthesis hub, Inside Earth, and continues to maintain and update synthesis hub content. As a contributor to the DCO Engagement Team, Darlene also occasionally reviews and edits articles on

Webmaster and Designer

Josh Wood, University of Rhode Island
DCO Engagement Team

Josh serves as DCO’s graphic designer and webmaster. He oversees the navigation and appearance of the main DCO website, as well as Inside Earth and DCO’s spinoff website for the Carbon Mineral Challenge. He also creates custom DCO graphics and banners for web and promotional purposes.

Web Development Coordinator

Jennifer Mays, Carnegie Institution for Science
DCO Secretariat

Jenn coordinates with the DCO Engagement and Data Science Teams to help develop, evaluate, and improve DCO’s web infrastructure. She also curates the online Bibliography of Contributions to the DCO and oversees the web presence for DCO’s instrumentation initiatives.

Web Architecture and Technical Support

Ahmed Eleish, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
DCO Data Science Team

Ahmed oversees day-to-day operations, troubleshooting, service administration, and website maintenance. He also works to ensure the functionality and positive user experiences of

Contributing Writer

Andrea Johnson Mangum, Carnegie Institution for Science
DCO Secretariat

Andrea formerly served as the managing editor for the DCO website and newsletter, and continues to occasionally contribute articles focused on specific activities, such as DCO instrumentation. She also provides additional editorial support for featured content.