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The DCO Resource Center is a selection of files and links for use by the DCO Community. Feel free to contact the Engagement Team with questions, comments, or suggestions.

Links and References

A concise guide to the Deep Carbon Observatory. December 2016.
.pdf (1.2 MB)
Published in 2013, Carbon in Earth is an outgrowth of the DCO.
.zip (180 MB)
.pdf (67 MB)
Midterm scientific report of the DCO. 2014.
An overview of DCO's open access and data policies.
Policies to ensure that DCO fosters respectful, professional interactions among our members.
One-page documents providing an overview of the overall DCO program as well as a version tailored to industry audiences.
.pdf (37K)
.pdf (Industry) (41K)


Guidance for submitting Research Features, Highlight Features, In the News, and Events to the DCO portal.
.pdf (549k)
These are some suggestions for acknowledging the Deep Carbon Observatory and associated Communities and other affiliated projects or sponsors in published papers, posters, abstracts, and other products and activities associated with DCO-related research.
.pdf (411k)
.docx (493k)
Meeting/Workshop Planning Tools
A guide outlining Engagement Team assistance with creating a meeting/workshop webpage and/or feature, an application/registration form template, and agenda and name badge templates.
.docx (890k)
A Word-based template for creating DCO agendas (both North American and A4 formats).


A4 .docx(1.19 MB)
Letter .docx
(1.19 MB)
A Word-based template for creating DCO participant lists (both North American and A4 formats).


A4 .docx (443k)
Letter.docx (445k)

DCO Graphics

The DCO Style Guide will help in the creation of DCO documents.
.zip (2.2 MB)
Generic Word-based DCO letterhead templates (both North American and A4 formats). Separate North American template for the DCO Secretariat. 



A4 .docx
NA .docx
Secretariat NA .docx (190k)
Name Badge Templates
Creating name badges is a multi-step process. Please refer to these instructions before proceeding.
.docx (461 k)
This set of template files includes two styles of name badges, the "stick-on" style and the "insert" style. Please refer to these instructions before printing the badges.
.zip (2.4 MB)
Lower resolution DCO logos suitable for web and mobile applications and for documents and presentations.

.zip (389 K)
Large, high-resolution DCO logos suited for use on posters and submission to print publications.
.zip (6 MB)
Lossless and scalable files of the DCO logo.
.zip (2.7 MB)
This archive of logos includes web, vector and print versions of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation logo.

.zip (480k)

Presentation Materials

This is a DCO poster template in Powerpoint format. Vertical, 36 x 48"
.pptx (11.9 MB)

An editable framework for building a DCO-branded Powerpoint presentation.
.zip (11.7 MB)
A Keynote presentation template.
.zip (9.8 MB)
A selection of presentations as examples of content available for highlighting DCO in your own presentations. 
An illustration depicting the environments, techniques, and sample types used by DCO scientists. Community-specific versions of this graphic can be created by request. Please contact the Engagement Team.
.jpg (574k)
.jpg (574k) (Deep Life version)
Produced in partnership with Smithsonian, the video (2:39 in length), is embedded in a Powerpoint slide.
.pptx (68.59 MB)
Images from the DCO Midterm Scientific Report embedded in Powerpoint slides
.pptx (68.6 MB)