Deep Energy Community CFPs

Deep Energy Funding Opportunities

The Deep Energy Community (DEC) of the Deep Carbon Observatory invites proposals for short-term funding of projects and/or activities aimed at addressing the DEC’s decadal goals and/or strengthening the international DEC community and its abilities to generate funding for new and ongoing initiatives.

3rd Call for Proposals (now closed)

The DEC will accept 3-4 page, electronic submissions using the DEC proposal submission template prior to 20 March, 20 July, and 20 November 2016. Contingent upon available resources, the DEC may extend this opportunity through July 2017. Proposals should be submitted electronically as a single PDF-file. The DEC Steering Committee will review applications and make awards with <= 6 months durations beginning in December of 2016. Final progress reports must be submitted within 1 month after termination of the project.

Deep Energy CFP (PDF)

Deep Energy Proposal Template

Recipients from 1st and 2nd Deep Energy mini-grants CFPs (PDF)

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