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The DCO web portal, comprising a Community Portal and Data Portal, is intended to promote DCO community interaction at many levels. Content for the Community Portal is managed by the DCO Engagement Team. The public face of DCO,, communicates your research, fieldwork, events, and workshops to the broader scientific community and beyond. The Community Portal also offers access to DCO Groups, an accessible place for sharing planning documents, document archives, and event listings, etc. The Engagement Team works closely with Engagement Liaisons and DCO Community leaders to encourage regular submission of content by members of each Community, refine the language for public audiences, if necessary, and determine which content is most appropriate to post on the DCO homepage, Community pages, and/or the DCO newsletter.

In lieu of logging in and submitting content directly to the DCO Community Portal, you may send an email with all relevant information to Katie Pratt, DCO Engagement Team Communications Director,, +1 401-874-6146.



Content submitted to the Community Portal populates the DCO homepage and Community pages of the DCO web portal, and also serves as content for monthly DCO newsletters.

DCO Features:

Research - short articles summarizing DCO research recently published in the scientific literature, or otherwise made publicly available. These may appear on the DCO homepage, DCO Community pages, and/or the DCO newsletter.

Highlights - announcements or reports of DCO-related activities, including workshops, meetings, and fieldwork, and notices of new project funding successes, requests for proposals, or major honors or awards. These may appear on the DCO homepage, DCO Community pages, and/or the DCO newsletter.

DCO In the News - links to recent news stories related to DCO of the field of deep carbon science  from around the world. These appear on the DCO News page at

• Events - meetings, workshops, and lectures either directly sponsored by DCO or of interest to the DCO Community. Events are listed in chronological order on the DCO homepage and DCO Community pages as appropriate. Certain events may also be featured under DCO Highlights or in the DCO newsletter.

• Announcements - short notices that do not fit any of the above categories. For example, job openings, save the date notices, requests for proposal, etc. of interest to the DCO community.



Previously published DCO Research and Highlights features:

Title: between 35 and 50 characters (including spaces) written in a generally understandable way

Content: 300-500 words totaling 3-4 paragraphs of descriptive information with hyperlinks and/or references where appropriate. The first paragraph should provide a short overview of the major findings of the paper, and include the names of primary researchers, their institution, and the journal in which the paper was published. The next one to two paragraphs should explore the scientific content in more depth, with context for readers from outside your field (note: the DCO is a trans-disciplinary community). The final paragraph should outline the direction of research to come. Where appropriate, include quotes and acknowledge funding sources.

Image(s) and/or Video(s)*: Whenever possible, provide graphics, images, or videos that correspond with the featured content. Images should be provided at the highest resolution possible.

Caption(s): A caption is required for each image or video submitted

Credit(s): Appropriate credit (name, institution, and year) is required for each image and video

Links: Links to any abstracts, papers, or related websites to further illustrate the particular feature

References: Please use [1], [1,2], or [1-3] in the text, and use the following style for listing references:

Community(s): Note which DCO Community(s) would find this article of interest 
by making your selection(s) in the dropdown menu



Previously published DCO In the News links:

Title: As published by the reporting news outlet

News outlet:  Where the news story was published (e.g. Nature News, BBC, CBC, etc.)

Date: Date of publication

Link: Copy and paste a direct web link to the news story



Previous and upcoming Event listings:

Title: the event title must be no longer than 50 characters (including spaces)

Date: Start date and end date

Time: Start time and end time

Location: City and country where event is located 

Venue: Institution (if applicable), building name, and address

Description: A short paragraph describing meeting and attendance criteria, target audience, preregistration requirements, and registration fees, if any

Image(s) and/or Video(s)*: For DCO-sponsored events, please provide an image to ensure the event can be promoted on the DCO homepage and in the DCO monthly newsletter, if appropriate. Images should be provided at the highest resolution possible, and at least one image is required to advertise an event on the DCO homepage or in the DCO monthly newsletter. The image can be a graphic related to the event, a photo related to the science topic associated with the event, or a photo of the venue.

Caption(s): A caption is required for each image or video submitted

Credit(s): Appropriate credit (name, institution, and year) is required for each image and video.

Links: Links to event webpages and venue website

Contact: Name, telephone, and email for contact person for this event

Community(s): Note which Community(s) would find this event of interest 
by making your selection(s) in the dropdown menu.

*Note: Submitting images, videos, and text for use on DCO’s publicly accessible website and DCO documents and publications is with the understanding that all materials will carry a Creative Commons License (attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives; CC BY-NC-ND). Images from published papers can cause copyright issues, therefore a relevant image that has not been published elsewhere is preferable.


For questions related to submitting DCO Features, In the News, Announcements and Events, contact:

Engagement Team • 

Katie Pratt • Communications Director • University of Rhode Island • 
       +1 401 874 6146 • +1 401 536 8813 (Mobile) • katiepratt2010 (Skype)

Frank Baker • Program Manager • University of Rhode Island • 
           +1 401 874 6141 • +1 401 874 6486 (Fax) • frankwbaker (Skype)

Engagement Liaisons

Extreme Physics and Chemistry • Dimitri Sverjensky • Johns Hopkins University •

Reservoirs and Fluxes • Elizabeth Cottrell • Smithsonian Institution •

Deep Energy • Magali Ader • Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris •

Deep Life • Steven D’Hondt • University of Rhode Island •



Updated April 2015

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