IODP "T-Limit" Project Workshop - Expedition 370: T-Limit of the Deep Biosphere off Muroto







Goldschmidt-DCO-JAMSTEC Workshop

IODP "T-Limit" Project Workshop

Expedition 370: T-Limit of the Deep Biosphere off Muroto

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Onboard the Chikyu at the Shimizu port, Shizuoka, Japan


Workshop Goals:

One of the key scientific objectives in studies of deep life and carbon is to understand environmental factors that constrain population, activity, diversity and ecological function of microbial communities, and the extent of habitable zones in the Earth’s interior. To better constrain the temperature limit of life in the deep biosphere, the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) is preparing one of two expeditions with the Japanese drilling vessel Chikyu to revisit Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Site 1174 in the Nankai Trough subduction zone off Cape Muroto, Japan (water depth: 4731 m), which was drilled by ODP Legs 190/196 15 years ago. Anomalously high heat flow results in temperatures of ~100ºC at the décollement (870 to 900 m below seafloor [mbsf]) and of ~130ºC at the sediment-basement interface (1,210 mbsf). After drilling, multiple-temperature sensors will be installed into the borehole, allowing ~1 year monitoring of formation temperature in situ. In this workshop, we will discuss how to achieve some important scientific objectives regarding the limits of the deep biosphere during the upcoming IODP Expedition 370. Contributions related to microbiology and biogeochemistry of the deep biosphere, as well as thermodynamics, fluid flow regimes, and subduction geology would be very welcome, as we aim to maximize the scientific return of this challenging IODP T-Limit project through multidisciplinary research coordination.

IODP Expedition 370:

Additional information about this expedition can be found on the IODP Expedition 370 website. U.S.-affiliated scientists interested in participating in this expedition should apply to sail through the U.S. Science Support Program. The deadline to apply is 10 June 2016
The Expedition 370 Scientific Prospectus is now availble here: Hinrichs, K.-U., Inagaki, F., Heuer, V.B., Kinoshita, M., Morono, Y., and Kubo, Y., 2016. Expedition 370 Scientific Prospectus: T-Limit of the Deep Biosphere off Muroto (T-Limit). International Ocean Discovery Program. 

Workshop Registration:

Registration is now closed. 

Workshop Organizing Committee:

Kai-Uwe Hinrichs (University of Bremen, Germany)
Verena Heuer (University of Bremen, Germany)
Nobu Eguchi (JAMSTEC/CDEX)
Fumio Inagaki (JAMSTEC)

Expedition Project Manager (EPM): 

Yusuke Kubo (JAMSTEC/CDEX)

Draft Agenda:

The draft workshop agenda is listed below (subject to revision). Download the draft agenda (PDF with links)
07:45                  Meet at a hotel near Yokohama Station
08:00                  Leave Yokohama (2 hour drive by bus)
10:00                  Arrive at Shimizu port, embark on the Chikyu              
10:30                  Workshop
10:30-10:40        Welcome and safety induction (EPM)
10:40-11:10         Background and scientific targets of T-limit (Hinrichs/Inagaki)
11:10-11:30         Keynote talk (Review of ODP190 and the subduction system) (Taira)
11:30-11:50         Keynote talk (Fluids and temperature) (Kinoshita)
11:50-12:05         Operational plan and core flow (EPM)
12:05-12:45         Lunch
12:45-13:45         Introduction of the Chikyu facility and lab tour (EPM)
13:45-14:00         Microbiology (Morono)
14:00-14:15         Geochemistry (Heuer)
14:15-16:20         5-minute talks + discussion*
16:20-16:40         Concluding remarks, Q&A, future plans (Heuer/Inagaki/Morono)
17:00                   Leave Shimizu port
19:00                   Arrive at Yokohama
*Participants are requested to prepare a few slides for 5-minute presentation.


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