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17 December 2014


About the Deep Carbon Observatory

Carbon plays an unparalleled role in our lives: as the element of life, as the basis of most of society’s energy, as the backbone of most new materials, and as the central focus in efforts to understand Earth’s variable and uncertain climate. Yet in spite of carbon’s importance, scientists remain largely ignorant of the physical, chemical, and biological behavior of many of Earth’s carbon-bearing systems. The Deep Carbon Observatory is a global research program to transform our understanding of carbon in Earth. At its heart, DCO is a community of scientists, from biologists to physicists, geoscientists to chemists, and many others whose work crosses these disciplinary lines, forging a new, integrative field of deep carbon science. To complement this groundbreaking research, the DCO’s infrastructure includes public engagement and education, online and offline community support, innovative data management, and novel instrumentation.

For more information about the Deep Carbon Observatory, please visit About the DCO.


Deep Carbon Observatory in the Field

In their 10-year quest to clarify the role of deep carbon in Earth’s past, present, and future, Deep Carbon Observatory scientists journey to some of the most remote yet scientifically valuable places on the planet.

Journalists interested in accompanying DCO scientists into the field should contact katie_pratt[at]uri [dot] edu(Katie Pratt). For more information and a map of past and present DCO fieldwork, visit DCO Field Studies.


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For inquiries about video footage, please contact katie_pratt[at]uri [dot] edu(Katie Pratt). Visit YouTube for a complete catalog of videos.