Second DCO Summer School



The Deep Carbon Observatory will hold its second Summer School in Yellowstone National Park from 23 - 28 July 2016. This Summer School will build on the success of the first DCO Summer School, held in Yellowstone National Park in 2014, and will introduce approximately 35 students and early career researchers to the interdisciplinary concepts which are the cornerstone of DCO’s approach to understanding Earth. The weeklong Summer School program will incorporate a variety of classroom- and field-based experiences, including lectures, poster sessions, field trips, and discussions. 



Reading List

Logistics Memo 1 and Logistics Memo 2

Packing for the Field

Facebook Group

Chico Hot Springs Website


Yellowstone National Park Safety Guide

Yellowstone Resources and Issues Handbook: 2012 version and 2016 version

USGS Volcano Hazards Fact Sheet




Your poster should be portrait orientation and no more than 2 - 3 feet (0.6 - 0.9 meters) wide. Please print your poster before the Summer School and bring it with you - there is nowhere to print a poster at Chico Hot Springs Resort.

Travel Reimbursement:

Please book your own travel arrangements for the Summer School, arriving in Bozeman, MT on 23 July and departing on 29 July. Follow the instructions below to claim reimbursement for your airfare, up to the amount of your travel award.

Domestic USA travelers:

• Submit a reimbursement form to the Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution for Science after the Summer School.

• For assistance with the Geophysical Laboratory reimbursement form, please contact Michelle Hoon-Starr (

International travelers:

• Submit an activation form to Oregon State University before the Summer School.

• Submit a reimbursement form to Oregon State University after the Summer School.

• For assistance with the Oregon State University forms, please contact Taewon Kim (


If you need an official letter of invitation for your visa application, please request one from Michelle Hoon-Starr. The Summer School unfortunately cannot cover your visa application fee.

Personal Travel Before or After Summer School:

We understand that many of you are traveling long distances to come to the Summer School, and may want to include some personal travel (e.g., to visit family or colleagues) while you're in the USA. This is absolutely fine. However, please document (preferably as a PDF) the comparable price of a roundtrip ticket to Bozeman arriving on 23 July and departing on 29 July. If your actual flights are more expensive than the comparable ticket price, you will be reimbursed for the comparable ticket, up to the amount of your travel award.

Facebook Group:

DCO created a Facebook group for Summer School participants. We encourage all participants who have a Facebook account to join! This will allow you to contact your fellow Summer School students ahead of the trip, and to stay in touch after the trip is over. 

This is a closed group for Summer School students and instructors only. Any participant may request to join the group, but please do not add friends or colleagues who are not part of the second DCO Summer School.



Please feel free to contact Katie Pratt and Michelle Hoon-Starr with any questions or comments:

 Katie Pratt 
 DCO Communications Director
 Michelle Hoon-Starr
 DCO Science Program Assistant



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