Rewriting the Textbook on Fossil Fuels

Rewriting the Textbook on Fossil Fuels

Experts say scientific understanding of deep hydrocarbons has been transformed, with new insights gained into the sources of energy that could have catalyzed and nurtured Earth’s earliest forms of life.

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New Tunable Laser Spectrometer Measures Rare Methane Isotopologues 23 June 2014 Feature

Methane is not only an important energy resource and a major component of biogeochemical cycles,…

Reduced Gas from Fracture Waters in Deep Gold Mines 25 February 2013 Feature

Dissolved H2 concentrations up to the mM range and H2 levels up to 9 to 58% by volume in the free…

Hydrogen Isotope Exchange in Hydrocarbons 15 February 2012 Feature

Hydrogen isotope (2H and 1H) exchange between hydrocarbons and water under hydrothermal conditions…

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