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Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica
Bursting the Bubble: Copper Trapped Inside Volcanic Crystals 28 January 2019 Feature

After lying quiet for three centuries, the San Cristóbal volcano, which lies at the northwestern…

 Expedition Papua New Guinea
Updates from the Field: Expedition Papua New Guinea 29 October 2018 Feature

The newly funded “Aerial Observations of Volcanic Emissions from Unmanned Aerial Systems” field…

Video: Demonstration of Volcanic Gas Ratios 11 October 2018 Feature

  A short demonstration of the changes in carbon dioxide to sulfur dioxide gas ratios that occur…

Etna at night
Different Volcano Types Show Their Metal 3 September 2018 Feature

Living organisms have a complex relationship with metals. In small amounts, some metals are vital…

sampling volcanic gases
A Detailed Investigation of Inputs and Outputs of Volatiles at New Zealand’s Hikurangi Margin 15 August 2018 Feature

In an ongoing National Science Foundation-funded project, DCO researchers are investigating the…

Closeup of core
Microbes Responsible for Massive Methane Deposit in Submarine Mud Volcano 14 June 2018 Feature

Just off the coast of the continents, thousands of mud volcanoes are erupting from the seafloor,…

You Tube video
Large Igneous Provinces Contribute to Ups and Downs in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide 8 June 2018 Feature

About 250 million years ago, a massive volcanic eruption flooded modern-day Siberia with lava,…

DECADE Workshop
New Estimate of Global Carbon Degassing 29 May 2018 Feature

Twenty-eight DCO members came together from 29 April – 4 May, 2018 at the Carnegie Institution for…

Map of DECADE Installations
Map of DECADE Installations 25 May 2018 Feature

Mirico team
DCO Support Helped Launch Company 9 May 2018 Feature

“We are working with academics to develop the technology further for scientific applications,” said…

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